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TriboDyn 2-Cycle Premium Synthetic Oil is fully synthetic 2-stroke motor oil that consists of the best grade ingredients and patented additives. It is suitable for all highly tuned 2-stroke gasoline engines. Like straight injection, inlet manifold injection, carburetor and oil injection engines.  Used for snowmobiles, motorcycles, ATVs, mopeds, scooters, chainsaws etc. Due to its extreme resistance of surface pressure it is suited for engines that have high rotation speed, temperatures and cylinder pressure. The premise for design has been the prevention of wear of the engine and reducing friction, as well as ensuring lubrication in high pressure and temperatures. With unique patented additives important surface-active wear resistive additives are absorbed in the pores of the metal creating a wear resistant surface on top of the metal. This genius coating technology helps to flatten surface roughness peaks and makes components’ tribological properties better by lowering friction and temperatures. This lowers the risk of piston getting stuck in the cylinder. Oil’s runniness in the cold is -47°c and it’s mixing into gasoline is first grade, which makes filling the tank easier and faster.

Fills or exceeds next demands: API: TCI and JASCO FB, TC-W3, ISO-EGD (NMMA

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